War From Your Living Room

by Da Comrade!

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Produced by Barrett Lindgren & Da Comrade! Mixed and Mastered by Barrett Lindgren. Recorded at Chernobyl & Space Camp. Album Artwork by Adam Fergurson. Songs written by Fletcher VanVliet, music by Da Comrade!


released December 5, 2009

Robin Carine played bass and sung some buttery harmonies. Adam Fergurson played the drums and raved like a mad man. Fletcher VanVliet tore his throat to shreds and played the guitars. Micah Edwards conjured vocal demons and played saxophone. Anne West shredded the cello. We all meowed.



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Da Comrade! Philadelphia

Da Comrade! was something heavy, something weird from West Philadelphia. Manic/epic songs rife with bleating saxophone leads, grandiose strings and bizarre tongues.

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Track Name: De Civitate Dei
Snow starts to fall down my wall, the seasons have changed and with them I've grown ever strange. The pulling of strings, levers fall in my brain. I feel the phantom hand that is wrenching new life from a dream.

They say if you're afraid to die, put your stock in a slice of the sky. I dwell on it, I think and fall more out of sync with this life.

But I tell ya, there is no fear to die. A scattering of atoms, one torn seam of that ragged dress, one that your mother kept. There is a shadow to every skyline, the blanketed dead tuned into the surreal life.

Well there may be a cause but to see is to abnegate thought. All that we've lost, never truly gone. All is reclaimed through the eclipse of time.

The gates will open, we are the chosen ones. When it's all over, could it only have ended with one word? Golden sheath surrounds me and it's comforting to me, in a way. She knows everything I'm going to say.

Do away with these words, their very concepts absurd. I think therefore, I.
Track Name: Earf(th)
Heads on a pike, they are feasting! Fill our bellies to bursting with great excess. Some billions detained for the cleansing. Sold into slavery or more horrible ends.

Rivers turned red, vile mouth spewing death. Ritual slaughter, dear sisters and daughters. Young; Nubile; Fresh. Premium grade! Americas best! Factory farming, brother to brother. We will harvest the flesh! Now some boldly whisper, "We are eating our own dead.", never to be heard from again.

Still our heads will dream, we dare still to look behind the screen.

How could anybody know that something is wrong? We've been under that eye the moment we've been grown. We we're under their control! Born to serve, now to be sold! Man is destined to be more, free to lose our minds, live untethered from the stone.
Track Name: Ghosts of Chernobyl
I wish that I could sleep in the underworld. The city of the damned, great secrets they have held. I don't know why we choose to drown, topping off the coffers we're sinking down.

And those that are left, those clinging to our breaths. We'll sail across the ocean, mock the comedy of death! Justice and liberty for all, but first each man must be one in themselves.

Kinder to my neighbor, sweeter to my love. There is something we must all do, that ego we must all use.
Then lose.
Track Name: Doom Maiden
Am I starting to see things as they are existing in the past? My mind is spinning, dancing pirouettes, jumping the gaps in my head. Your skeleton is sippin' on a cigarette, sinking your teeth into my neck. And I am losing my consciousness. It's a daily occurence to fall out of my head, into some strangers bed. O' where might I find myself next? Next to her, I expect.

Well, I might love you or you could be dead already. I might see you but there is someone else you're loving, holding you. Well, that's my doom.

But I know that it's coming, so I'm a nervous wreck. You must see me pacing around this city, I'm like the waking dead. And I see them drifting through the subway cars. We're all headed different places or maybe we aren't this time. Maybe our lives would intertwine, we could live that beautiful lie. That not one of us would die.

Well, sometimes I need you but you're out there somewhere, you're running. You live your own life, yet you could use someone like me.

To tell you that you're sweet, because I bet you taste like a peach. Let's find each other soon, before we're all dead. So we can rest in peace.