by Da Comrade!

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"Hand me the steed
my silver reigns
Give me the gears, the cogworks
our mechanism
we've seen a vision of
the tops of clouds
And had enough of
splintered blacktop games."

"I've recorded the music
for the palms and mules
And decked the city
in colors and circles."

"I've raised an army
on kisses and cups
And learned from children
to tap the inner organs
of living earth."

"I am three wisemen and seven seas
together in dream [dance?]
through a projector screen."

"For you a handful
of the fruits of time

the jewelry of saints
across the twinkling
mist of days."



released January 14, 2013

Performed by Adam Fergurson, Drums, Vocals. Micah Edwards, Vocals, Alto Saxophone. Robin Carine, Bass, Vocals. Fletcher VanVliet, 6 and 12 string guitars, Vocals. Anne West, Cello. Stephen Landis, Violin.

Songs written by Fletcher VanVliet, Tracks 7 and 9 co-penned by Micah Edwards. Artwork and design by Adam Fergurson and Thomas Puleo. Recorded by Da Comrade! at The Headroom in Philadelphia PA. Engineered, mixed and produced by Kyle Pulley. Assistant Engineer, Alex Wilson.

Thank you to the endless support of our friends, families and fans.



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Da Comrade! Philadelphia

Da Comrade! was something heavy, something weird from West Philadelphia. Manic/epic songs rife with bleating saxophone leads, grandiose strings and bizarre tongues.

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Track Name: Ancient White Lady
Girl in the window, your eyes are white stone, cold like porcelain. Body aglow, with the demons carrying your silk train aloft. Fair-haired princess, the devil at your back and a flame aflicker in her palm. I followed you through the thicketed woods, your tracks, glinting pebbles in my path. You took my hand, yours like velvet roses, struck me like hot steam from an angry kettle whistle. Though it was a cold cold thing, yours was a love to keep with me. My darling in a dress spun by gentlemen of questionable intent, to be damned in the morning. Doe eyed angel, you wear deaths hood too well for daddy dearest. So I will follow you into the darkness. I will follow you into the black pit, your ghostly hallows.
Track Name: Earth
Heads on a pike, they are feasting, fill their bellies to bursting with great excess. A billion detained for the cleansing, sold into slavery or more horrible ends. Rivers turned red, vile mouth spewing death. Ritual slaughter, dear sisters and daughters, young nubile fresh. Factory farming, brother to brother, we will harvest the flesh. Some boldly whisper, “We are eating our own dead…” never to be heard from again. Still our heads will dream, we dare still to look behind the screen. How could anybody know that something is wrong, we’ve been under that eye, at once the moment we’ve been grown. We were under their control, born to serve and now to be sold. Man is destined to be more. Free to lose our minds, live untethered from the stone.
Track Name: Backyards & Basements
Killer in the backyard, playing the back nine, new car, old wine. Big star shooting through the sky, you’re gonna fall hard, yeah, you’ll die. We all die. We all die. We all die. We all die. Bobby’s in the basement burning the bodies. Children of the government, filling up the alleys. But my brother’s drinking moonshine and my sister is in her skull. I’m splitting atoms on the sidewalk, I’m losing my control. I’m losing my control. Bobby feels like God, the stench is holy, smells like death. Bobby knows he is God, his hands are bloody, tastes like sex. You’re a child of science fiction. You’re a stain of white religion. Did you think that you were dreaming? Were the lines whipped clear by the television? The television!?
Track Name: Escape Artist
I see you in your room, I really know just the type. When it’s so quiet, you can hear everything, you can see everything. I know you’re not hiding now, you’re lost far from yourself in another place and time. They block you from the road, police lines have cut you off. Somewhere inside people know something is terribly off in their lives. My brothers and sisters dropping like flies. What can you do? Put another record on. You just put another record on.
Track Name: Who is Jawn Galt?
To me they had said, “From this day until you are dead, the future is yours.” And still I should have known better, dig deeply through those words. All that I’ve dreamed, the fabric of things is coming apart at the seams. With no past to hold me, the cloth frayed, the clock stuck at twenty after three. And still I have never been free from each moment that we are living. For but a few seconds, I am nothing, I am all that I can be. We are frozen, each dimension, I can feel them overlapping. All that you’ve known, don’t concern yourself with it anymore. I’ve met so many people in my day who had died before they were ever born. In their shapeless existence, stretching flesh clumsily over bone. Well me, I am host to that sickness. I have fought my whole life to stay whole. So tell me, what’s the use of it all? That one man to himself might be God and that’s all?
Track Name: Doom Maiden
Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! Am I starting to see things as they are existing in the past? My mind is spinning, dancing pirouettes, jumping the gaps in my head. And I am losing my consciousness, it’s a daily occurrence to fall out of my head, into some strangers bed. O’ where might I find myself next? Next to her, I expect. Well I might love you or you could be dead already. I might see you and there is someone else you’re loving, holding you. Well, that’s my doom. But I know that it’s coming, so I’m a nervous wreck. You must see me pacing around this city, I’m like the waking dead. I see them drifting through the subway cars, we’re all headed different places or maybe we aren’t this time? Maybe our lives would intertwine? We could live that beautiful lie, that not one of us will die. Well, sometimes I need you but youre out there somewhere, you’re running. You live your own life and yet you could use someone like me. To tell you that you’re sweet. Because I bet you taste like a peach, let’s find each other soon before we’re all dead. So we can rest in peace.
Track Name: Cassandra
Strobing light fills up my-eyes, yet still I see. All that we have scatters like leaves into the ash. Aflame of my fingertips, this vision remains etched into my brain. I wish it were in my head, your father told me and these are your words, “There is no fate, save what we create for ourselves.” My son. Fly! With all that I have left, I would see you live. To fight or to fail, you must exist. You see, there is no time left, for you’ve left me here in chains, my son is in peril! So won’t you let me see my son? My son, beware. With all that you have in you, with your shield or upon it return. But where to? You were borne from yourself, spawned from wholes in time. Made by whom? He is who? He’s coming to get you my son! My son, beware.
Track Name: Aquarius
I’ve got the key but you must grasp it from me. If you have fallen, I could help you up. For I love you, a golden ray of sun, your light fills up my heart with god. But there is no sense in wasting these years when all that I’ve wanted is quite near. I can taste you, you hang in the air. How could I create her? My darling so fair! Never understood it myself but if we try I could show it to you. Once upon a time I thought I had pressed a precious gold unto my heart. In a moment all had passed, ‘twas but a dream that I once had. For a moment we’d lain still, I could have sworn that it was real, every second of my life I’d never been quite so fulfilled. All of my loves never could have known how I hollow my heart, to fill it with you. And all that has passed, all that is to come. Every birth and each death upon this earth I feel such aching in my bones. Inevitably the winds of fate, the hand of Doom destroys all lying still upon your plate. Lifts up the dead, salt in your wounds, it smears the rot across your face. You start again, you are a kid, everything different, yet the same. Inside your head a million voices, different faces, different names. Inside your mothers womb the rift had split before your face, the infinite, all that is, your own death and all that’s come to pass. You lept, spit out into the world again, you laughed. So you laughed? You don’t know the half of it. So you laughed!
Track Name: Theophage
He is the demon in the deep and he dreams in his death and in his sleep. Near the fringes of your mind, inside, the horrid shapes you’ll find, he’s been lurking since the dawning of mankind. And he’s waiting til' the stars are realigned. The end is nigh! Our doom is close! So raise your rye around the room and make a toast! We heathens face the western sky and pray, to raise the sunken island of Rligh. In the twilight of your brain until your inner eye is strained, you may see the wicked things you’ve prayed would never be. And the hellmouth rising up up up from the sea! The end is nigh! The horsemen near! Don’t you cry my love, they will feast upon your fear. When the shadow comes down from the sky to the ground, the wailing of the damned will be the last thing you will hear... God eat God! God eat God! We laugh and pen the final page, at last we have seen the Theophage. Now we have seen the fall of men and the old ones rise again. And as we gaze upon the ruins and we take our final bow, the end is nigh, so say goodbye. The end is now.