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Recorded in May 2008 at the Whorehaus in South Philadelphia. Engineered by Sean Carter & Da Comrade. Mixed and Mastered by Matt Stevenson & Fletcher VanVliet. Special thanks to Evan Marich for his search and rescue mission. Album Artwork by Adam Fergurson.

”Brothers & Sisters,
We were born scattered in pockets across a great continent, mounds of earth having pulled us up, wrenched us loose from that infinite darkness. Spit out into the world again, wise children with eyes unbound, virgin ears still ringing from the thump of our mother’s heart. Our mouths then opened, and out spilled the laughter of god. For constant within us sits still water; our murkiest depths have held the great spirit, a holy mountain. That ceaseless symphony, a void of white noise from which great masters might pull strings of hot light. And when I hear those songs of death, of joy, I am filled with such unconquerable strength.

So, as time continues to tremble and shift, we must remain as statues for both gods and men alike. Champions of liberty and justice for all souls.

Brotherly Love,
Fletcher T. VanVliet”


released February 28, 2009

Tommy Mutation played the bass. Fletcher VanVliet on Vocals & Guitars. Adam Fergurson on Drums. Micah Edwards on Vocals & Saxophone. Anne West played Cello.



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Da Comrade! Philadelphia

Da Comrade! was something heavy, something weird from West Philadelphia. Manic/epic songs rife with bleating saxophone leads, grandiose strings and bizarre tongues.

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Track Name: Backyards & Basements
"Backyards & Basements" (VanVliet)

Killer in the backyard, playing the back nine. New car, old wine! Big star shooting through the sky, you're gonna fall hard, yeah, you'll die.
We all die. We all die. We all die. We all die.

Bobbies in the basement burning the bodies, children of the government filling up the alleys. But my brothers drinking moonshine and my sisters in her skull. I'm splitting atoms on the sidewalk, I'm losing my control.
I'm losing my control...

But Bobby feels like god, the stench is holy smells like death. But Bobby knows he's god, his hands are bloody, tastes like sex.

You're a child of science fiction, you're a stain of white religion. Did you think that you were dreaming? Were the lines wiped clear by the Television? The Television! The Television!? The Television! The Television!?!
Track Name: The Escape Artist
I see you in your room, I really know just the type. When it's so quiet, you can hear everything, you can see everything. And I know you're not hiding now, you're lost, far from yourself. In another place and time. In another place and time...

They block you from the road, police lines have cut you off, somewhere inside people know something is terribly off in their lives. My brothers and sisters dropping like flies!

But what can you do? Put another record on. Put another record on. You just put another record on! You just put another record on!
Track Name: Victory Song!
I saw the four horsemen ridin' over blackened sand, coming forth to desecrate, last of the holy lands.

"I'm the king of the castle, I'm the herder of the beast, I rule this land with an iron fist of pestilent disease."
"My hand now holds the children, pulling hidden puppet strings we have raised them. Numb to death, they stare blankly at the screen."

O' but there's a way to escape this fate of infernal sleep!

C'mon brothers and sisters wont you hear your comrades call? We are marching to our deaths and yet we sing the victory song!

"You'll have to eat the ashes, bathe in atomic debris."
Well, I'll sail the toxic sludge and fuckin' ride it out to sea!

When the water's risen, all the cracks will open, swallow your cities to the belly of the ocean. Eradication, O' a celebration! You will hear the laughter! Hark thy children of the ashes! Hark thy children of the ashes!
Track Name: The Cancer
There's evil in our blood and we can't get out of it.
There's evil in our blood and we're going down...

There will be no sky! We'll blot it out with industrial lights, the bleaching of our lives. Now the winter has come with cold steel hands. And the wars that we've won have only furthered the plan.But we're not part of it, we've got to take a stand! Gotta rip ourselves out of it while we still can!

We're going down. We're going down. We're going down to sleep. We're going down. We're going down. We're going down to sleep!
Track Name: Tractate 6 (empire never ended)
So, all we are is made of space. Time is in our hands, time is on our minds. The world is perfectly aligned.
When matter stops, the mind begins, there is something more outside our skins. There's no center to the universe! Ha! Ha!

Well I am nothing, I am nothing, I am nothing, I am nothing. And isn't it beautiful? Isn't it beautiful that I am nothing? I am nothing. I am nothing. I am nothing!

Well, I'm a terrorist, nah, I'm an actress. And that don't mean shit, not one word of it. That don't mean shit! That don't mean shit!

Zen. Om.
Track Name: Noxious Chemical Vapor Age
We live in an age full of noxious chemical waste, and we live all the same. Yeah we live all the same. And we live in an age, sing a plastic serenade! And we live all the same! Yeah we live all the same! And we live in an age full of noxious chemical vapors. The truth is, we are placed on a stage, play the part of a slave. And we live all the same! Yeah we live all the same! All the same! All the same! We're all the same! We're all the same! I'm going insane in exciting new ways! I'm going insane in exciting new ways! I'm insane! I'm insane! I'm insane! I'm insane!